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Grow your app, earn passive income, or provide your clients with a seamless experience by partnering with us!

4 Ways to Partner With Us

App Developers

App Developers App Developers

App Developers

Integrate with Fera to improve your app's functionality and provide merchants with a seamless experience.
  • Checkmark circle Expose your app to 10s of thousands of Fera merchants.
  • Checkmark circle Add valuable review features to your app.
  • Checkmark circle Track app installs and easily create test accounts.
App Developers App Developers

Agency Partners

Agency Partners Agency Partners

Agency Partners

Grow your agency and offer clients access to the best reviews software available by partnering with Fera.
  • Checkmark circle Get more clients by getting listed in our directory.
  • Checkmark circle Increase authority by showcasing your Fera expertise.
  • Checkmark circle Save time with our partner portal to easily switch between client sites.


Themes Themes


Offer a seamless experience for users to display reviews on their site when you partner with Fera.
  • Checkmark circle Get free referrals by getting listed as a compatible theme.
  • Checkmark circle Reduce support overhead with out-of-the-box support.
  • Checkmark circle Increase theme value by adding Fera review features.
Themes Themes

Affiliates & Publishers

Affiliates & Publishers Affiliates & Publishers

Affiliates & Publishers

Earn affiliate commission by giving your audience exclusive deals on Fera.
  • Checkmark circle Offer your audience exclusive, cash-saving deals on Fera.
  • Checkmark circle Earn referral commission with our affiliate program.
  • Checkmark circle Track your referrals in the partner portal.

Other Benefits of Becoming a Partner

We’ll give you and your team priority support if you encounter any issues with your clients’ accounts.
We'll help you get exposure to over 20k merchants through co-marketing opportunities like featured app placements, e-mail, social media, blogs and more!
Connect with merchants online through our partner webinars, or collaborate with us to organize workshops, networking events or conferences in real life!

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Why Grow With Us?


Stores Use Fera

We’re growing fast! Active Fera merchants nearly doubled since 2021 to 20,000.


5-star Reviews

Merchants love Fera! We’re one of the highest rated apps on Shopify, and #1 on Wix.


Influenced Store Revenue

Help successful merchants! Fera reviews have influenced over $500M in 2021.
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