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Organize product descriptions, shipping info and other key info with smart, easy to navigate tabs.

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SmartTabs adds a tabbed widget on your Product page by splitting your product description into several tabs with Heading tags.

Product-specific tabs can be created once and applied to a wide range of products to save time. Select from pre-designed templates or easily customize tabs to fit your brand in the app settings.

This integration with Fera allows you to add product reviews to your tabs!

Key features:

  • Add a review tab on your product page.

  • Automatically create tabs using headings in your product page descriptions.

  • Create specific tabs and apply them to a set of products to save you time.

  • Customize the look and feel of your product tabs to match your store perfectly.

  • Integrate with 3rd party apps: cross-sell, upsell tabs, etc.

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Nexusmedia creates powerful apps that help merchants upgrade store UI/UX, simplify management, and increase sales. With Fera and Nexusmedia synergy, our solutions becoming more effective and powerful.


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