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Shopify, as a platform, comes with basically everything you need in order to start your eCommerce business.

However, if you actually want to optimize your store and make things a lot easier, then you should definitely consider installing some free apps from the Shopify App Store'.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Shopify apps available - both free and paid (in this guide, we will focus on free Shopify apps). Each app has a unique function- from customer review automation to inventory organization.

Finding the best free app for your needs can seem like a relatively challenging and time-consuming assignment.

And, as a business owner, time is clearly the one thing that you really don’t have. That’s why we performed all the hard work for you and made a list of the best FREE Shopify apps.

Plus, we’ve also divided them into several different sections. This way, you can easily find the most suitable option for your business.

Best Free Shopify Apps in 2024

Best Email Marketing Apps For Free

Email marketing is certainly the soul of any business. So, that’s why you need to find the most suitable eCommerce apps for your business.

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Here are the top free ones:


Omnisend Email Marketing 4.8 stars with 5,400 + reviews

Omnisend is an incredibly-popular email marketing tool that will offer you access to some interesting pre-made email and SMS templates. With the help of these features, you will be capable of converting all your visitors into loyal shoppers.

best free shopify apps 2024 

Why Do You Need Omnisend Email Marketing?

  • Simple one-click interaction and easy data migration
  • Engage your customers through email or SMS messages
  • Analyze all of your campaigns through the sales dashboard
  • Popular academy training & live video webinars

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Omnisend’s Free Plan:

  • 500 emails/mo & up to 60 global SMS
  • Professional Email Templates
  • Popups & Signup Forms
  • Pre-built Workflows & Automations
  • 24/7 Live Support .

Type Of Stores Omnisend Email Marketing Is Best For:

Business owners that want to boost their conversions through well-targeted and personalized messages.


Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS 4.0 stars with 1,800+ reviews

Klaviyo is an email marketing & SMS is a customer platform that allows you to divide your email list for personalized targeting before creating the automated campaign. It integrates seamlessly with your store and gives you the entire timeline of each customer.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS?

  • Create relevant email content to boost your customer engagement
  • Automatically sends out email and SMS messages based on different triggers
  • The dashboard offers real-time data reports on all of your campaigns

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Klaviyo’s Free Plan:

  • The free package offers up to 250 email and 150 SMS credits
  • Sync Shopify data–tags, catalog, coupons
  • Templates for Email/SMS

Type Of Stores Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS Is Best For:

Totally suitable for companies that want to each new visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

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Best Free Customer Review Apps For Shopify

Review apps are extremely crucial for all Shopify stores - not only do they have a massive impact on the buyer’s decision, but they can also strengthen your store's credibility.

Here are the best Shopify review apps:

3. Fera

Fera Product Reviews 4.9 stars with 5,400 + reviews

Fera is, without a doubt, one of the top-rated FREE apps for customer reviews. 

It allows you to collect and display various customer testimonials on your website without doing any kind of coding. Plus, this app even comes with extra features like automatic requests, special incentives, and a ton more. 

So, it’s something that’s certainly worth checking out.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Fera Product Reviews:

  • Import reviews from any platform - Etsy, Google, Facebook, Loox, Judge.me, and more
  • Great widget customization for a better user experience
  • Show average rating for each product you have
  • Moderate your reviews from the easy-to-use dashboard

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Fera’s Free Plan:

With the free plan, you can have 1 active widget and up to 10 review requests per month. This is perfectly suitable for most starting businesses. But, If you want to experience the full potential of this app, then you must try one of their premium packages - it’s worth every penny.

You can see more information about the pricing here.

Type Of Stores Fera Product Reviews Is Best For:

This particular app is suitable for all stores.

4. Yotpo

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos 4.8 stars with 6,600+ reviews

This is certainly one of the oldest apps for product reviews. So, that’s why we had to mention it on our exclusive list. They offer great features and strong integrations.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos:

  • Showcase your top reviews at the best conversion points on your website
  • Measure and improve your performance by using the analytics
  • Engage more customers with the assistance of their Q&A community

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Yotpo’s Free Plan:

  • Free Plan - Up to 50 monthly orders
  • Growth Plan ($15/month)
  • Prime Plan ($119/month)

Type Of Stores Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos Is Best For:

Suitable for store owners that want to place simple customer reviews on their page.

Best Free SEO & Social Apps For Shopify

5. SEOAnt ‑ Trust Badges & Icon

SEOAnt ‑ Trust Badges & Icon 4.9 stars with 900+ reviews

Employing trust badges on your page can massively boost your brand’s image and increase conversions. One of the highest-evaluated apps for this is the all-mighty SEOAnt.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need SEOAnt:

  • Build a foundation of trust and give customers a sense of security
  • Boost sales with diverse shipping badges

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From SEOAnt’s Free Plan:

You will be able to use all of the functions of this app without paying a single penny.

Type Of Stores SEOAnt Is Best For:

Companies that want to build trust in their consumers.

6. Outfy

Outfy - Automate Social Media 4.7 stars with 1,200 + reviews

With the assistance of Outfy, you will be capable of creating and scheduling product promotion posts on any kind of social media platform that you might think of. It's packed with several features that are incredibly versatile, highly responsive, and totally cost-effective.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Outfy - Automate Social Media:

  • Promote all of your products on top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more
  • Automate the entire social media sharing routine and save time
  • Create enhancing product collages, video graphics, and even GIFs

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Outfy’s Free Plan:

The free plan will provide you with the following functions: 1 auto-posts per day, instant posting, and scheduled posting.

Type Of Stores Outfy - Automate Social Media Is Best For:

Businesses that are active on social media platforms.

Best Free Customer Service Apps For Shopify

By implementing good customer service, you will be able to distinguish your brand and gain an advantage over other competitors in your sector. These apps can certainly help you with the whole procedure.

7. Tidio

Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots 4.7 stars with 1,700 + reviews

If you’re looking for a multifunctional app that features an effective live chat, several chatbots, and access to social media messages, then you should consider the all-mighty Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots. It will help your customers with any kind of questions or issues they might have.

And yes - it is totally free.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots:

  • See live visitors and easily start a conversation with them
  • Share images, videos, and other documents directly within the chat
  • Merge all your communication channels in one place

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Tidio’s Free Plan:

  • Live Chat - conversations with 50 users
  • Chatbots: with up to 100 visitors/month
  • Ticketing

Type Of Stores Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots Is Best For:

Ideal for business owners that want to establish a good relationship with consumers.


POWR.io FAQ Page & Help Center 4.6 stars with 230+ reviews

POWR.io FAQ Page Help Center is a great user-friendly solution for most eCommerce businesses. It helps you make the interactions with your consumers a lot more effective and easier.

Let’s check out some of its most prominent features.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need POWR.io FAQ Page & Help Center:

  • Create super-informative and easy-to-navigate FAQ sites
  • Give your customers answers with text, links, images, and videos
  • It is completely functional on any device, including mobiles, tablets, laptops

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From POWR.io's Free Plan:

With their free package, you will get 5 FAQ questions and answers. You can get more by subscribing to a premium plan.

Type Of Stores POWR.io FAQ Page & Help Center Is Best For:

Businesses that want to answer the most requested questions by their customers.

Best Free Dropshipping Apps For Shopify

Dropshipping is an extremely popular way to sell products. In basic terms, here’s how the scheme works. The buyer paces a product order on your website. You alert your dropshipping partner to package and ship the product to the customer. After that, the partner charges you for the products (lower price), and you charge the customer (higher price).

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In the end, you keep the profit for yourself!

9. Spocket

Spocket ‑ Oberlo Dropshipping 4.7 stars with 4,800+ reviews

If you run a successful dropshipping business, then you have to try Spocket ‑ Oberlo Dropshipping. With this specific app, you can add items from eCommerce platforms straight to your Shopify store - instead of spending hours browsing and manually adding each item.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Spocket:

  • Order samples straight from the search page
  • Fulfill all the orders with just one simple click
  • Find top-notch products at wholesale prices
  • Enhance your brand’s loyalty by using personalized invoices

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Spocket’s Free Plan:

The free plan will provide you with access to Spocket resources like community & dashboard and AliExpres dropshipping.

Type Of Stores Spocket Is Best For:

Suitable for businesses that are looking to so dropshipping full time.

10. Dsers

Dsers Aliexpress Dropshipping 5.0 stars with 21,400+ reviews

DSers is a dropshipping app that is specifically oriented around AliExpress. It will help you process and manage all of your orders in one specific place. And the best thing about this app is that it’s incredibly easy to start - just download it, link your AliExpress account, follow some tutorials, and you're ready to go.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Dsers Aliexpress Dropshipping:

  • You will gain exclusive access to some special Aliexpress suppliers
  • Place thousands of orders to AliExpress in one click
  • Import new products and customize them per your needs
  • Get notified about every single thing about your products

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Dser’s Free Plan:

You will be able to make bulk orders, manage 3 different stores, order status, and automated tracking. This is basically everything you need to uplift your dropshipping business.

Type Of Stores Dsers Aliexpress Dropshipping Is Best For:

Users that use AliExpress as their main dropshipping supply.

11. Printful

Printful: Print on Demand 4.7 stars with 5,000+ reviews

Have you ever wanted to sell customized items like t-shirts, pillows, hats, or leggings? Well, this specific Shopify app can make that dream come true. You won’t need to create or deliver any of the products - Printful will do it for you.

All you need to do is take care of your site design and marketing techniques.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Printful: Print on Demand:

  • Only pay when the order comes in - there aren’t any upfront fees
  • Thousands of loyal suppliers ready to cooperate with your business
  • Boost your brand’s awareness with custom branding

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Prinful’s Free Plan:

The free plan offers you global fulfillment and shipping, built-in design tools and a product mockup generator. Paid plans start at $24.99/month and offer access to extensive tools for a better user experience.

Type Of Stores Printful: Print on Demand Is Best For:

It primarily fits businesses that want to drop ship customized products.

Best Free Loyalty Apps For Shopify

With the assistance of the best loyalty apps you will be able to offer delightful awards to all your day-to-day consumers, engage them with customized offers, and establish a nice relationship.

12. Smile.io

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty 4.8 stars with 5,600+ reviews

Smile.io is a program designed to help you improve your customer retention by creating and managing loyalty and referral programs. Not only will this build up customer engagement, but it will also increase your repeated sales.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Smile: Rewards & Loyalty:

  • Reward points based on making accounts, subscribing to your website, and sharing items
  • Employ powerful reminders called Nudges on your website to encourage customers
  • Translations accessible in English, French, Spanish, German, and a few more languages

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Smile’s Free Plan:

Most of the above-mentioned features are completely free. But, you will be able to upgrade to give additional rewards to some of your most distinguished customers and enjoy the full flexibility of the program. 

Paid plans start at $49/mo.

Type Of Stores Smile: Rewards & Loyalty Is Best For:

Suitable for brands that want to boost their sales conversions from their existing customer base.

13. Joy Loyalty

Joy: Loyalty Program & Rewards 4.9 stars with 1,300+ reviews

Joy is a data-driven loyalty platform that allows users to create well-designed referral programs to reward their customers and maximize lifetime value. 

Some of the rewards are free shipping, money-off , free product samples, premium access, and many more.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Joy:

  • Customize all of your loyalty programs and align them with your brand’s image
  • Motivate members to act as advocates with the refer-a-friend offer
  • Extremely simple to use - there is no coding required whatsoever

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Joy's Free Plan:

The Free plan includes 250 monthly orders and access to the basic features. In order to acquire some of the fancier features like customizable emails, then you should consider the paid plans - they start at around $29 per month.

Type Of Stores Joy Is Best For:

Users that want to increase their customer retention.

Best Free Inventory Management Apps For Shopify

There are a ton of apps that can help you keep track of your inventory and meet your customer’s demands. In this section, we’ve highlighted some of the highest-rated ones available on Shopify.

Take a look!

14. Stock Sync

Stock Sync - Inventory Update 4.7 stars with 1,600+ reviews

Stock Sync is an easy-to-use inventory management solution for Shopify users. It allows you to update your inventory or set up new products in the store without any hassle.

And obviously - it’s completely free to use.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Stock Sync - Inventory Update:

  • You will get an overview of your product inventory levels
  • It is fully compatible with various third-party channels
  • Export the inventory details to the supplier or vendor

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Stock Sync's Free Plan:

With the free plan, you get 2000 SKUs and 1 update feed/supplier.

Type Of Stores Stock Sync - Inventory Update Is Best For:

Perfect for stores that want to be in complete control of their inventory.

15. Swym Back In Stock

Swym Back In Stock Product Alerts 4.8 stars with 640+ reviews

Do you want to alert your consumers when certain products are available again? Well, you should surely take a look at the Swym Back In Stock app.

It comes with various features and is incredibly simple to use.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Swym Back In Stock Product Alerts:

  • Send follow-up restock reminders to increase sales conversions
  • Fully customizable email restock campaign listings
  • Intuitive dashboard for all the key specifications and analytics

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Swym's Free Plan:

The free plan features up to 50 alert requests per month. So, if you have a bigger audience, then you should certainly take a look at the paid plans - starting from $14.99/month.

Type Of Stores Swym Back In Stock Product Alerts Is Best For:

Business individuals that want to keep their customers updated about the current product availability.

16. AfterShip

AfterShip Returns Center 4.6 stars with 2,100+ reviews

Believe it or not - easy returns are the main reason why consumers are more likely to come back to your brand again. Aftership is undoubtedly one of the best free Shopify apps for this. 

It allows you to create branded and interactional self-service returns and provide consumers with real-time updates about their return status.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need AfterShip Returns Center:

  • Offers customers with flexible return resolutions - refunds, exchanges, replacements
  • It will provide you with comprehensive analytics on the returned goods
  • Integrates with over 13 popular shipping couriers (DHL, DPD, NL, FedEx, Swiss Post, Star Track, Canada Post, and more)

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From AfterShips's Free Plan:

With the free package, you can establish 3 returns per month and access some basic functionalities like email notifications and management details.

Type Of Stores AfterShip Returns Center Is Best For:

Stores that want to easily manage their product returns

Best Free Checkout Apps For Shopify

A recent study performed by Baymard Institute has proven that around 69% of the shopping carts are abandoned. 

So, if you take a moment and think about the number, you will quickly realize that this is too much. 

For every 100 potential customers, approximately 70 of them will leave without making the final purchase.

The following apps will help you create fast and optimized checkout pages.

17. Sweet Ecom

Cartly Slide Cart Drawer 4.8 stars with 200+ reviews

Cartly Slide Cart Drawer is a free Shopify app that will allow you to increase conversion rates & AOV with an industry-leading cart drawer developed by CRO experts.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Cartly:

  • Professional slide cart upsell app with terms checkbox and ton of other features
  • Use add to cart sticky bar or one page checkout button to up cart page conv rate
  • Turn your Buy button into Skip to Checkout to skip cart and open checkout page

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Sweet Ecom's Free Plan:

The free plan allows you to view the app free, but for only $9.49/month, you can get Slide cart/cart drawer with product upsell, add to cart bar and fast checkout bar .

Type Of Stores Sweet Ecom Fast Checkout Is Best For:

Stores that want to improve AOV.

18. Transcy

Transcy Language Translate Currency 4.8 stars with 5,400+ reviews

Transcy is an app that translates your Shopify store content and displays the price in the visitor’s currency (product price, shipping fee, tax, and even tip). As a result, visitors will feel more value and will be more likely to finish the purchasing decision.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Trancy Language Translate Currency:

  • The application automatically detects the geo-location of your consumer
  • It supports up to 166 different currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, and a lot more)
  • Currency exchange rates are updated on a day-to-day basis and can be adjusted manually

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Transcy's Free Plan:

The free plan is quite limited - you will only gain access to 1 currency and 1 language. However, for only $11.90/ month, you will be able to get most of the premium features.

Type Of Stores Transcy Language Translate Currency Is Best For:

Ideal for stores that have customers from different parts of the world.

Best Page Building Apps For Free

The first impression is always important. So, that's why you need to create an eye-catching page design that will impress all of your visitors right from the start. This way, they will feel more confident in buying one of your products or services later on.

19. PageFly

PageFly Landing Page Builder 4.9 stars with 9,100+ reviews

Do you want to create a brand-new landing page for your product or service? Well, look no further than PageFly. This app will provide you with everything that you need in order to create a stunning sales page and impress all of your new visitors.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need PageFly Landing Page Builder:

  • You will acquire full access to the extensive element library
  • It will hugely improve the overall performance of your website
  • The 24/7 customer service is happy to answer any questions

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From PageFly's Free Plan:

With the free package, you will have many app features. But remember - you only get access to 1 page/section. If you need more, then you will be required to purchase their paid offerings.

Type Of Stores PageFly Landing Page Builder Is Best For:

Users that want to create a one-of-a-kind sales page.

20. Gempages

Gempages Landing Page Builder 4.9 stars with 3,800+ reviews

Next up, we have Gempage. With the assistance of this particular Shopify app, you will be able to create some stunning and fast-loading storefronts without any kind of coding - how amazing is that?

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need GemPages:

  • Design various pages - sales funnels, home pages, contact sites, blog posts, and many more
  • Built-in sales boosters: Countdown, Stock Counter, Bundles, Compare-at-price
  • All of the layouts are optimized for high sale conversion rates

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From GemPages' Free Plan:

You can create 1 page at max and get access to premium templates.

Type Of Stores GEmPages Is Best For:

It's ideal for small or medium-sized business owners that are looking to grow their Shopify store.

Best Digital Advertising Apps For Free

Paid advertising is a quick method to generate more traffic and acquire sales. It ensures that your brand is always at the forefront of your consumer’s minds. These are some of the top apps for creating and managing ads.

21. Google Channel

Shopify Google Channel 4.3 stars with 7,000+ reviews

Google ads are, without a question, one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience. With the help of this Shopify-made app, you will be able to create, run and manage all of your ad campaigns directly from the Shopify dashboard.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Shopify Google Channel:

  • Run smart shopping campaigns to promote your popular offerings across the network
  • An all-inclusive report document of all your ad campaigns for your store
  • Advertising in Gmail banners, YouTube, Google Display, and more

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Google Channel's Free Plan:

With the free plan, you will gain access to all of the Google Channel features. It doesn't have any kind of premium package.

Type Of Stores Shopify Google Channel Is Best For:

It’s a total must-have for users trying to grow their business using paid advertising.

22. BixGrow

BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing 4.7 stars with 820+ reviews

Trusted by hundreds of entrepreneurs, BixGrow helps you elevate your referral sales by collaborating with affiliates, influencers & ambassadors. Not only does this make affiliate management incredibly easy, but it makes it cost-effective as well.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need BixGrow:

  • Use flexible tracking methods: affiliate links, affiliate coupons & linked emails
  • Convert existing customers into brand advocates through a referral program
  • Access to easy & transparent commission payout with bill generation & one-click PayPal

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From BixGrow's Free Plan:

  • Up to $1000 of monthly referral revenue
  • Create & track unlimited links & coupons
  • Up to 30 affiliates
  • Referral program
  • Auto-generated Coupons

Type Of Stores BixGrow Is Best For:

It is most fitting for users that focus on leveraging affiliate marketing.

Best Development Apps For Free

Shopify provides all of the tools you need to create a basic online store. If you would like to create new features for your store that are not already supported by Shopify, though, you are sure to find these Shopify development apps highly beneficial.

23. Globo

Globo Smart Product Filter & Search 4.9 stars with 1,400+ reviews

The default “search” function on Shopify can be considerably limited. That’s why you should consider installing Globo Smart Product Filter & Search. As a result, your customers will be able to accurately find what they were initially looking for in several seconds.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Globo Smart Product Filter & Search:

  • Create various filters for certain collections (makeup collection, clothing collection, etc.)
  • Smart auto-suggestions with in-depth preview - thumbnails, ratings, and price
  • It will provide your consumers with a more efficient & time-saving search result

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Globo's Free Plan:

With Globo's free plan, you will be able to operate most of the fundamental elements without a problem. However, just remember this plan is limited to 25 products. Hence, if you have more products, then you will need to subscribe to their paid plans.

Type Of Stores Globo Smart Product Filter & Search Is Best For:

Any business (both small and large) can take advantage of this app.

24. Buddha

Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation 4.7 stars with 1,200+ reviews

This specific Shopify app allows you to display several different drop-down tabs from your prime menu - this makes it extremely easy for the consumer to track down the exact product category they need.

Let’s see some more information about this application!

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation:

  • Design all of the sub-menus and carefully preview them before applying the changes
  • Add spectacular elements like labels, live icons, and even sale banners
  • Perfectly fitting for most Shopify themes and compatible with other third-party apps

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Buddha's Free Plan:

Well, the free plan has everything that you possibly need. However, you can also upgrade to their paid package “Mega Zen” for more features and accessibility.

Type Of Stores Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation Is Best For:

It is mostly suitable for companies that have several different niches on their site.

25. TinyIMG :SEO Image optimizer

TinyIMG:SEO Image optimizer 5.0 stars with 1,700 + reviews

TinyIMG is a one-stop-shop for all page speed optimizer and SEO tools: image ALT text, JSON-LD, 404 page, 301 redirect, plugin SEO, rich snippet, SEO image compressor, meta tags, photo resize, crush, lazy load, sitemap, chatgpt AI.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Tiny:SEO Image optimizer:

  • Improve your overall search rankings and drive traffic to your website
  • Receive period SEO audit reports directly to your inbox
  • Supports multilingual SEO language - making it suitable for anyone

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Tiny:SEO Image optimizer’s Free Plan:

  • 50 Free images per month
  • Extra optimization price 3¢/image
  • SEO ALT & filename optimization
  • Site audit

Type Of Stores Tiny:SEO Image optimizer Is Best For:

Mainly suitable for stores that want to improve their SEO.

Best Subscription Payment Apps For Free

In the last category of our exclusive listing, we will be talking about the top subscription payment apps on Shopify. These sorts of applications can help you set up recurring payments in the easiest way possible.

26. Appstle℠

Appstle℠ Subscriptions 4.9 stars with 2,700+ reviews

Appstle℠ Subscriptions is a popular Shopify app for recurring orders and payments. Instead of manually billing each customer, this app will allow you to automatically generate invoices without doing any work. Customers can then pay the whole invoice using the preferred method (the method they selected in the first month).

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Appstle℠ Subscriptions:

  • Increase your customer’s loyalty with easy subscriptions
  • Send your buyers customized emails for additional engagement
  • Automatically trigger a questionnaire when a customer wants to cancel the subscription

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From Appstle's Free Plan:

The free subscription is mostly intended for corporations until they reach $500/month in subscription revenue. After that, you will need to choose one of their premium plans - Starter, Business, Enterprise.

Type Of Stores Appstle℠ Subscriptions Is Best For:

Perfectly suitable for businesses that offer recurring subscription services or products.

27. RecurrinGO!

RecurrinGO! 4.8 stars with 190+ reviews

Sell subscriptions and abonnements. Offer recurring payments to customers to increase sales & LTV. 

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need RecurrinGO!:

  • Real-time reports of key volume and overall metrics for each subscription
  • Custom-tailored widget on the “Quick View” and “Featured Products” sections
  • Your consumers can use any type of payment method they desire

What Kind Of Functions Do You Get From RecurrinGO!'s Free Plan:

  • All features
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Auto-charge & recurring invoices
  • 24/7 support

Type Of Stores RecurrinGO! Is Best For:

Companies that are trying to entitle a long-term relationship with buyers.


Keeping up with the growth of your business is pretty tough. Most Shopify store owners can’t find the time to manage everything and fulfill the requirements of their customers.

But, don’t worry! 

All the Shopify apps included in the list above are reliable tools that can make things a lot more convenient for you and your brand. Plus, what’s more importantly, they are completely free to use.

*All information is based on the Shopify app store listings as of January 2024.

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