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In eCommerce, your page response time is critical for success.

It can have a strong impact on your sales, conversion, and bounce rate.

In fact, a recent study performed by Kissmetrics has revealed that around 40% of the people abandon certain pages that take more than 3 seconds to load up entirely.

That’s nearly HALF your potential shoppers gone!

And the worst part is that they might never come back.

But wait, that’s not all.

The page speed can be important to your SEO results as well.

According to Google, the suggested load period should be 2 seconds (or even less).

You should still aim for better and strive to reach a page speed of 1.5 seconds on computers and about 1 second when we talk about mobile.

So, in order to improve this, you should certainly consider downloading some helpful tools from the Shopify app store. They are incredibly simple to use and even come with a ton of different features for better optimization.

But, before you even start researching, you know that there are hundreds of different apps available.

So, you might be questioning - how can you find the most suitable ones for your individual requirements?

We did the hard part for you and compiled a list of the best Shopify tools for page speed optimization.

Throughout the process, we took into consideration the number of reviews, the top features of the app, and a few other subjective parameters.

Without wasting even a second more, let’s jump straight into the listing - shall we?

What Are The Best Online Tools That Will Boost Your Page Speed?

Online Tools to Boost Your Page Speed

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer 4.7 stars with 1,270+ reviews

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer is a Shopify app that can help you improve the performance of your page in just a few clicks. Not only will this actually help your SEO, but it can also be directly correlated to improved conversions.

This is something that you should certainly have on your site.

Shopify Apps That Will Boost Your Page Speed

Why You Need Booster: Page Speed Optimizer:

  • Make all your pages load significantly faster than before (instant optimization)
  • Comes with an interactive dashboard that presents necessary information for your site
  • Get started in just a couple of minutes - there is no coding required

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - Even though other apps require a subscription fee, Booster offers its service for free. With this certain package, you will gain access to all their basic and premium functionalities.

Type Of Shopify Stores Booster: Page Speed Optimizer Is Best For:

The app is suitable for merchants that want to improve their store speed without paying anything.

Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed 4.9 stars with 200+ reviews

Better load time means higher conversions. AND higher conversions mean better profit for your Shopify store.

So, by installing Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed, you will be capable of advancing your website and reducing any lags or glitches.

Shopify Apps That Will Boost Your Page Speed

Why You Need Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed:

  • Speed up your store’s load time with the help of LazyLoad and Critical CSS inlining
  • Pick from several pre-set optimization levels for the best experience possible
  • Keep all of your optimizations up to date with the help of the main dashboard

Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed Pricing:

  • Full Package ($49/month) - The plan offers you access to lazyload, critical CSS inlining, hyper scripts, app caching, and page preloading.
    • Note: There is a special 7-day free trial offer for this plan. So, you can test it out without paying anything.

Type Of Shopify Stores Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed Is Best For:

Users that want to optimize their website in just a couple of seconds.

Fera Product Reviews

Fera Product Reviews 4.9 stars with 5,420+ reviews

Most product review apps can have a really bad impact on your speed and cause harm to your conversion rates. 

But not Fera! 

They have managed to solve that by making the reviews code 3.5 times lighter than all of its competitors - this leads to faster page loads and better performance.

Fera Product Review even has a ton of functionalities that you can take advantage of and take your business to the next level.

And, let’s not forget to mention that they also have the best customer support team in the world!

best free shopify apps 2024

Why You Need Fera Product Reviews:

  • Quickly import all of your currency consumer testimonials from different platforms
  • Gain significantly better page loads thanks to the lighter widget codes
  • Create appealing reviews and present them on your website in a few seconds
  • Incredibly simple to use - there is actually no development required whatsoever

Fera Product Reviews Pricing:

  • Free (Free) - 10 review requests (monthly) and import unlimited reviews.
  • Startup ($9/month) - 100 review requests (monthly) and basic customization.
  • Small ($29/month) - 1,000  review requests (monthly) and intermediate customization.
  • Medium ($99/month) - 10,000 review requests (monthly) and advanced customization.
    • If you’re interested in seeing all of their offerings and pricing, then you can read more on their pricing page.

Type Of Shopify Stores Fera Product Reviews Is Best For:

It’s a great solution for users that want to display their reviews without losing speed performance.

AVADA Image Optimizer

AVADA Image Optimizer 4.9 stars with 5,960+ reviews

If you have a lot of high-resolution images on your website, then you should consider compressing them. Don’t worry - this won’t have an impact on the quality. Instead, it will just make them load faster.

One of the best apps for this is AVADA Image Optimizer.

Shopify Apps That Will Boost Your Page Speed

Why You Need AVADA Omage Optimizer

  • Automatically optimize your images without affecting the overall quality
  • Add special ALT tags to all of the images from product, collection, and blog pages
  • Integrates with several other helpful Shopify apps to further enhance your website

AVADA Image Optimizer Pricing:

  • Free Plan (Free) - Free SEO and speed optimization included. Additional fees may apply.

Type Of Shopify Stores AVADA Image Optimizer Is Best For:

Business owners that want to boost their load time through image optimization.

Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups

Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups 4.7 stars with 150+ reviews

Want to keep your customers entertained during those loading screens or transitions?

Well, why not get Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups.

Not only can it provide appealing page transitions, but it can also make your website seem a lot faster.

Plus, the app UI supports mobile, so you can even make changes via the Shopify app on your smartphone or tablet.

Shopify Apps That Will Boost Your Page Speed

Why You Need Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups:

  • Access to pre-selected images that are optimized under 300KB for faster loading times
  • Create and customize a transition animation depending on your personal needs
  • Successfully reduce all of the unnecessary script loads in several seconds

Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups Pricing:

  • Basic Preloader (Free) - 15 speed-optimized GIF, lite preloader setting, compatible with any kind of theme, and advanced support.
  • TurboMode Boosts ($3.99/month) - LinkPredict, LazyLoad, boost page load, and support.
  • Page Transitions ($3.99/month) - 4 types of transition animations, lite preloader setting, unique customization options, and advanced support.
  • Custom Preloader ($4.99/month) - Logo animation, custom upload, lite preloader setting, size & BGR color adjustment, fade-out speed, and advanced support.

Type Of Shopify Stores Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups Is Best For:

Excellent for store owners that want butter-smooth page transitions.

SEOAnt ‑ AI SEO Optimizer

SEOAnt ‑ SEO & Image Optimizer 4.8 stars with 970+ reviews

SEOAnt is a special multifunctional app that will provide you with search engine optimization, image compression, page speed development, and a ton of other features. It’s trusted by thousands of stores and has a strong reputation in this sector.

So, it’s definitely worth a try.

Shopify Apps That Will Boost Your Page Speed

Why You Need SEOAnt:

  • Receive a detailed SEO check report for your the entire Shopify website
  • Improve your on-page SEO and ensure a higher ranking on Google
  • Expert service for users that want to improve their page speed
  • Quickly fix meta-issues by using the all-mighty Automate Bulk Editor

SEOAnt Optimizer Pricing:

  • Free Plan - On-page SEO (20 products), auto compress (for 50 images), SEO checker, keyword suggestion tool, alt text edit.
  • Pro Plan ($29.99) - Everything on free plan + on page SEO (1,000 products), auto compress (for 2,000 images), JSON-LD, search console, meta tags edit.

Type Of Shopify Stores SEOAnt Is Best For:

Perfectly fitting for businesses that are looking for an all-in-one solution.

Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer

Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer 5.0 stars with 1,500+ reviews

If you want to analyze your SEO & page performance and track your current load time, you should definitely download Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer! 

This app will help boost your SEO and page speed to a new level: speed booster, image optimizer, SEO audit, meta data templates, Google schema, broken links, sitemaps, page indexing, image alt, keyword research, etc.

Shopify Apps That Will Boost Your Page Speed

Why You Need Tapita:

  • Track performance and improve your website profitability and speed
  • See how the overall performance of all the competitors in your industry
  • Get personalized recommendations and insights on a regular basis

Tapita Pricing:

  • Free to Install - FREE Boost SEO features, FREE Speed optimization, but extra charges may apply .

Type Of Shopify Stores Tapita Is Best For:

Perfect for businesses that want to easily track their store performance.


Just remember - improving your site speed performance can take a significant amount of time. But don’t give up just yet!

All of the above-mentioned apps are incredibly effective and can certainly help you improve the overall speed of your site.

As you start trying out each one, you will be able to find the most suitable ones for both your requirements and preferences.

If you’re interested in reading more helpful content for your eCommerce shop, then check out our blog!

*All information is based on the Shopify app store listings as of January 2024.

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