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Improve Customer Experience

Hear us out - new customers are extremely important.

But, most of the time, business owners spend too much time thinking about how they can establish a brand-new marketing reach strategy and fail to retain all their loyal consumers.

One business strategist carried out a survey and it turned out that focusing on customer retention can significantly increase company revenue by 35 to 85 percent - YES, you've read that correctly!

So, that's why you should always try to improve your customer experience and satisfy their actual needs.

But, the real question is - where should you begin from?

One of the best ways that you can achieve this is by adding a gift to purchase and surprising your shoppers.

In this marketing post, we will be including several gift ideas to improve your brand's image and increase customer loyalty.

But before we even get started, let's clarify what customer experience is.

What is Customer Experience?

In short, customer experience is the overall impression your consumers have of your company throughout the entire purchasing journey.

It is extremely crucial and can make or break your business.

The two crucial touchpoints that basically create the overall customer experience are people and products.

How to Find The Right Customer Appreciation Gift?

A customer gift is typically something physical, practical, and related to your business.

The idea behind it is pretty simple: to show gratitude to customers for having faith and trust in your business.

Customer Appreciation Gift

The issue with these kinds of gifts is figuring out what to send!

You really shouldn't choose something that's too expensive, nor should you pick something that might be seen as not having much worth or lesser value.

You will need to walk a fine line between cost and practicality when choosing the most suitable option.

There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration before you make up the decisive choice.

Let’s go through some of them:

  1. The gift should have some kind of value
    • First things first, make sure that the gift you're planning to give will have perceived value. It must fulfill a necessity in your customer’s lives or at least appear valuable to your consumer.
  2. Useful to the customer
    • Next, try to find a gift that will serve at least some purpose to the customer. This way, they will be able to use it on a day-to-day basis without issue.
  3. Stick for durable products
    • The gift you plan on picking should have pretty strong craftsmanship. Also, avoid any sort of fragile items.
  4. It should be easy to transport
    • Find a gift that will be compact and lightweight - this way, you won't spend additional expenses on shipping.
  5. Business relatable
    • The gift should be strictly related to your business in some kind of way. For example, if you have a specific clothing store, then choosing a fashion accessory would make more sense tham a computer gadget.
  6. Harmless
    • Lastly, ensure that the specific product you're planning to give out is completely harmless. It shouldn't trigger any allergies or have sharp edges that can pose a threat to children.

Top Customer Appreciation Gifts

Now that you have more understanding of how to find the perfect appreciated gift for your customer let's have a deep look at some samples.

Personalized Thank-You Card

In this era of automation, a small personalized thank-you card can significantly enhance the customer experience.

Your customers will appreciate something that is more handmade or personalized.

Plus, it's incredibly affordable and doesn't require any kind of additional knowledge.

The message in the card needs to be special, customized, and most importantly - authentic!

Use a pencil and blank/decorated paper, not a printed message.

It may take some time, but trust us; your customers will be extremely grateful for this.

Thank You Card

Complimentary offering

Another way that you can positively improve your customer's experience is by giving away a free product from your catalog.

Make sure that the specific offering is low-cost and has perceived value to the consumers.

The complimentary product needs to be related to the original purchase.

For example - a free wallet with a backpack.

Birthday surprise gifts

Sending an interesting gift on a special occasion, such as their birthday, can definitely help you win customer devotion.

Pick something that is highly affordable and won't have a massive impact on your profits.

Birthday Gift

Gift them an unforgettable experience

You can provide your customers with a resort package, tickets to a regional affair, or even a free camping trip.

This is an excellent way to have your brand stand out from your competitors.

Just make sure that you review your customer profiles so you can ensure the experience is something that your base would enjoy.

For instance, if your customers are women in their 50’s, then it's probably not a good idea to provide them with tickets to a hardcore metal concert.

Additionally, you should pick an event that is really easy to access, has wide appeal, and doesn't break the bank.

Free consultation

Helpful advice can be a gift too, specifically in businesses known to be challenging to approach.

For example, if you're selling clothing apparel, you can offer a freestyle consultation.

Alternatively, if you're offering workout supplements, you can provide them with a custom diet program.

Free Consultation

Give to charity

Making a charity donation in the name of the customer can work well as a great gift idea, especially if your customers are environmentally-conscious and socially conscious.

Just make sure that the specific charity is widely recognized and that there is proof of the donation.


So, that's all, folks – these are some of the top examples that you can implement in your own store right now.

By using/offering customer appreciation gifts, your customers will be more satisfied with your brand and will more likely leave a good, positive review on your site.

And with additional reviews and happy customers, your brand will continue to grow and build trust with your existing customers as well as new ones!

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