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We’re happy to announce that you can finally sync your product reviews from Amazon straight to Fera.

Whether you’re someone that’s selling Amazon or planning to start using it soon, this feature will help you expand social proof and maximize your brand trust.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the magic of this feature - shall we?

Sync Your Amazon Reviews To Fera

Sync Amazon Reviews To Fera

All you need to do is synchronize your store’s products to the products on Amazon - it’s simple. 

By mapping Amazon products to your current store offerings, you will be able to sync all of your reviews to Fera.

Automatic Updates

As long as you have this integration active, Fera will automatically look for new reviews on Amazon and import the Amazon reviews to  your Shopify store. The entire process is automatic, so you won’t need to do anything manually. 

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you can just focus on gathering reviews.

Showcase Amazon Reviews On Your Store

Show Amazon Reviews On Your Site

As long as you have widgets showing on your site, your Amazon reviews will appear on your website along with all the other ones. You can easily notice them by their “Amazon” logo.

If you haven’t already created a widget, then you can create one right away. The Amazon reviews work with:

  • Testimonial Carousels
  • All Review Pages
  • Product Reviews

Benefits Of This Integration

But, let’s take the time to talk about all the main benefits of the all-new Fera and Amazon integration.

  • Instead of having to curate your own reviews, you can leverage the power of this integration to quickly populate your website when you get Amazon reviews.
  • Customers are more likely to trust your brands if you have reviews from multiple sources.
  • Amazon is a widely popular brand, so when customers see the Amazon logo, they will be more likely to make the purchase.

Connect Fera and Amazon

Okay, so here’s the real question, how can you connect Fera and Amazon? 

Well, the entire process is incredibly simple and doesn’t take more than a few seconds. You can get all the instructions in our help doc.

Note: This integration only works if you have an active Amazon Seller account. You can create one here.

What are you waiting for?

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