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Customers with a significant connection with your brand spend 67% more than first-time buyers.

As a business owner, it's important to maintain these customers and keep them returning for more.

One of the most practical ways to do this is by creating and promoting a special loyalty program that offers great rewards.

Not only will this improve their overall experience, but it will also make your store look more attractive.

In this blog post, we will be advancing through some of the best loyalty apps for Shopify that you can find on the whole platform.

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What Are the Best Loyalty Apps for Shopify?


Smile Loyalty & Rewards 4.8 stars with 4,800+ reviews


First up, we have Smile Loyalty & Rewards. With the assistance of this app, you will be able to increase overall engagement and drive repeat sales without spending a dime on traditional advertising.

Why You Need Smile Loyalty & Rewards:

  • Use customizable widgets to design your reward program
  • Grow your existing customer network with referrals
  • Get access to various help documents and videos

Smile Loyalty & Rewards Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - Up to 200 monthly orders, points program, referral program, basic branding, basic reward emails, and essential analytics.
  • Starter Package ($49/month) - All the “Free” features + unlimited monthly orders, advanced branding, customization options, and 1 app integration.
  • Growth Package ($199/month) - All the “Starter” features + nudges, points expiry, advanced analytics, and 2 integrations.
  • Pro Package ($599/month) - All the “Growth” features + VIP program, exclusive features, unlimited integrations, and API access.

Type Of Stores Smile Loyalty & Rewards Is Best For:

Businesses that want to build brand loyalty in the most convenient way possible.

2. Rivo

Rivo Rewards & Loyalty Program 4.9 stars with 1,400+ reviews

Rivo Rewards & Loyalty Program

Have you heard about Rivo?

Well, this little app can help you create a multi-functional loyalty program in just a couple of seconds. You don’t have to be a professional developer or a master-class designer.

Why You Need Rivo Rewards & Loyalty Program:

  • Create a dedicated rewards page for your program
  • Offload inventory as incentives for loyalty programs
  • Boost referrals and affiliate marketing

Rivo Rewards & Loyalty Program Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - 250 monthly orders + loyalty program, referrals program, unlimited members, and email.
  • Starter Package ($39/month) - 500 monthly orders, advanced rewards, page builder, and 1 integration.

Type Of Stores Rivo Rewards & Loyalty Program Is Best For:

It’s perfect for mid-tier stores.

3. Loloyal

Loloyal: Loyalty & Rewards 4.9 stars with 490+ reviews

Loloyal: Loyalty & Rewards

Next up on our super-detailed listing, we have Loloyal: Loyalty & Rewards. With this app, you can easily launch stunning loyalty programs and increase repeat purchases on a regular basis.

Why You Need Loloyal: Loyalty & Rewards:

  • Create unlimited discounts for your customers
  • Generate organic traffic with referral programs
  • Live customer support available for any inquiries

Loloyal: Loyalty & Rewards Pricing:

  • Free - With this package, you get access to all of the functionalities.

Type Of Stores Loloyal: Loyalty & Rewards Is Best For:

Perfectly suitable for stores that want to reward their loyal customers.

4. Joy

Joy Rewards & Loyalty 5.0 stars with 730+ reviews

Joy Rewards & Loyalty

Want to boost sales from existing customers? Joy Rewards & Loyalty is the perfect option for your demands. With glowing features and fantastic support, this app will leave you completely speechless.

Why You Need Joy Rewards & Loyalty:

  • Surprise your loyal customers with different rewards
  • Boost overall customer lifetime value and retention
  • Manage customer’s activities in one simple grid

Joy Rewards & Loyalty Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - 250 orders per month, loyalty program, integrations, translation, and custom email content.
  • Pro Package ($29/month) - All the “Free” features + Unlimited orders per month, custom email style, and transaction import.

Type Of Stores Joy Rewards & Loyalty Is Best For:

Stores that are just starting their eCommerce journey.

5. Bon

Bon Loyalty & Rewards 5.0 stars with 950+ reviews

Bon Loyalty & Rewards

Last but obviously not least, we have Bon Loyalty & Rewards. By using this app on a regular basis, you will be capable of growing your customer list, improving your retention rate, and converting leads into sales.

Why You Need Bon Loyalty & Rewards:

  • Delight your customers with several redemption options
  • Tailor the widget to seamlessly match your branding
  • View all your statistics through the main dashboard

Bon Loyalty & Rewards Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - With this package, you will gain full access to all of the functionalities of this app.

Type Of Stores Bon Loyalty & Rewards Is Best For:

Stores that have a small budget.


Fera Product Reviews (Honorable Mention) 4.9 stars with 4,700+ reviews

Fera Product Reviews

Fera will allow you to offer various discounts, points (with, or cash incentives for product reviews, which you can then showcase on your website by using beautiful widgets.

Not only will this help you gain more reviews, but it will also improve your repeated sales. The app comes with a seamless workflow and has a quick setup procedure.

Why You Need Fera Product Reviews:

  • Showcase product reviews on your official website
  • Reward all of your customers for their loyalty
  • Manage and respond to your product reviews

Fera Product Reviews Pricing:

  • Free Package (Free) - 10 review submissions and 1 custom widget.
  • Start-up Package ($9/month) - 100 review submissions, 3 custom widgets, and full design options.
  • Small Package ($29/month) - Up to 1,000 review submissions, 10 custom widgets, advanced editor, product groups, and custom email domain.
  • Medium Package ($99/month) - Up to 10,000 review submissions, 20 custom widgets, multi-shop sync, and priority support.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Type Of Stores Fera Product Reviews Is Best For:

Suggested for top professional businesses.


With the assistance of these apps, you will be capable of creating the best loyalty program possible.

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