Banana Stand is now Feraai

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve renamed Banana Stand to Feraai. This is a natural and exciting progression as we advance on our plan to help more merchants sell better online.

Feraai Helps Merchants Sell More

Today Banana Stand is being used by thousands of online
businesses around the world to increase sales with
social proof and urgency.

Fera will take this a step further: Fera will be able to help
merchants optimize and increase eCommerce sales in new ways,
while making the customer experience even better.

Merchants will be able to choose from a growing list of
customizable skills and decide how Fera should interact
with customers. Fera will become each store’s own
personalized, smart salesperson.

Feraai is About Smarter Shopper Experiences

Fera will learn from customer interactions
and harness the power of artificial intelligence to deliver
personalized content in ways that feel natural to customers.
This data can be used to customize how Fera uses skills
to sell better to customers.

Fera will enable Merchants to connect with every single
one of their customers in real-time, something merchants
have never been able to do before.

What to Expect This Year

This year we will be changing the way that merchants setup and
interact with Fera. We will be introducing dozens of new
skills, some of which will be created by ourselves and others
which will be introduced by partnering with existing apps
and platforms that merchants already know and love to use.
These new skills will mean more ways for merchants to drive
an increase in sales in new and unique ways.

Thank You For Your Support!

I’m humbled by the support we’ve received from the eCommerce community in the last year from merchants, consultants and the wonderful eCommerce platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce and beyond).

The team and I look forward to helping create more success for our merchants and partners in the years to come!

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    • Lisa Glutting says:

      Hi Amy! If you could head to and in the bottom right we have Intercom chat. Send us a message there and we can get in touch about custom integration with the WooCommerce platform.

      Currently, we support Shopify and BigCommerce but we’re trying to grow/scale our support for custom platforms.

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