Published by: Jameela Ghann

I loved skills! Why did you change?

We made the change because even though skills were pretty awesome and made our merchants feel like ninjas, widgets were simply more intuitive for our new merchants.

We are always trying to make our dashboard as simple and as easy to use as possible, so this is one of the many new changes along the way.

Product Reviews Example

What exactly are widgets in Fera?

Widgets are essentially little bits of content that you can add to your store. For example, we have
  • product review widgets
  • social proof widgets
  • urgency widgets, and
  • upsell widgets!

Let's go through each category, so you can see which widgets Fera has available for your store's needs.

Events Feed Product Desktop Light

Product review widgets

Fera is primarily a product reviews app so the top widgets that our merchants are using are
  • Reviews
  • Average rating badge
    • store and product
  • All store review page
  • Photos & video reviews
Customer Photo User Generated Content Statistics

Social proof widgets

While product reviews are a form of social proof, there are specific social proof widgets that Fera offers customers like

Testimonial Carousel Example

Urgency widgets

Creating urgency is one way to improve your conversion rate. After all, no one wants to miss out on a great deal! When you use Fera, you can try out widgets like the

Counters Viewers Product Desktop Dark

Upsell widgets

Once you get a customer to your site, you want to make sure they are spending as much money as possible! One way to do that is to use upsell widgets like Fera's
  • Bogo banner
  • Free shipping in the cart
  • Upsell products in the cart
  • Gift banner
If you want to use any of the widgets above, just
  1. Head over to your dashboard
  2. Click Widgets on the left side menu
  3. Click the + Add Widget button
  4. Select the one you need!
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