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Collecting product reviews is essential to growing your business, and displaying product reviews will increase your sales.

While it's crucial to get as many reviews as possible, it's more important to get high-quality reviews that help your shoppers make an informed decision. This post will take you through why you need quality product reviews and how to get them!

Increased Conversion

Quality Is Key

When it comes to your eCommerce product reviews, the thing that is more important than quantity is quality. Generally, the more thorough and well thought out a product review is, the more helpful it is for your shoppers. Think of it like this: if you are shopping for a sweater, what review would be more informative?

Review A

"Loved it! Fits great :)"


Review B:

"This sweater fits perfectly. I am 5'7 and got a medium, and the arms were perfect. Usually, sweaters are way too short in the arms, but I had no issue with the length.

This sweater also holds up in the wash. I wanted to wait until after a wash to leave a review because lots of sweaters shrink. This one doesn't! There was a bit of pilling, but nothing that I can't deal with. Would recommend."

Informative reviews are best

Review B is the most informative, and even though it is four stars, it makes a shopper's decision to buy the sweater easier. A shopper can see the pros and cons of the sweater and decide if pilling is not as important as fit! 

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Balanced Product Reviews Sell More

Generally, the best product reviews to display on your online store are balanced and authentic reviews.

There is data to back this up too. Many consumers feel that 5-star reviews (and too many of them) are too good to be true and come off as fake.

The Spiegel Research Center says that "across product categories, we found that purchase likelihood typically peaks at ratings in the 4.0 – 4.7 range, and then begins to decrease as ratings approach 5.0."

Your reviews don't have to be perfect

Your shoppers don't expect you to sell perfect products. They just want your product to fit their needs and solve their problems. So watch out; not only do consumers hate fake looking reviews, Google and Shopify hate actual fake reviews too.

Well Written Product Reviews Sell More

Replying To Reviews

Believe it or not, spelling and grammar are paramount for shoppers in determining to buy your product. While spelling and grammar are not within your control, some research found that "product reviews with spelling mistakes are less trusted by consumers, and the result is fewer sales."

People don't trust bad spellers

The rationale behind fewer sales for poorly spelled reviews may be that shoppers don't want to associate themselves with people who seem uneducated or untrustworthy.

Although we all know that having perfect grammar isn't a sign of intelligence, rightly or wrongly, it is a quick signal for trustworthiness.

You always want to be sending strong trust signals across your online store. Luckily, with Fera Product Reviews, you can edit your customer's reviews for spelling and grammar.

Now to be clear, you should NEVER use this functionality to change a customer's review, but fixing spelling and punctuation is fine.

Quality Product Reviews Improve SEO & Google Rankings

Google Ratings Average Rating Badge

Having quality reviews will also help your SEO efforts and help you rank highly on Google. Almost 10% of your ranking factor is based on user-generated content, such as reviews.

Outrank your competition

If you want to outrank your competition, having a great review strategy is essential. Quality reviews are looked upon favorably by Google and can help you outrank your competitors in Google searches.

Help search engines understand your business

The better search engines, such as Google and Bing, "understand your website and what you have to offer, the better your search rankings will be. Search engines crawl your website and related content with “spiders” that read, interpret, and help connect consumers to businesses." - Matthew Hodges. This means that you want to get high quality, in-depth reviews that help other shoppers and search engines better understand your business and product.

How To Get Quality Reviews

1. Use the right product review app

If you're looking to get high-quality reviews and quickly, you should consider using Fera Product Reviews. Fera offers the most functionality out of the top 5 product review apps for Shopify and is easy to use.

2. Collect more product reviews

I used Fera on my online store, Alora Boutique, to set up a one-time review request campaign to get reviews for our Lia stud earrings, added them to my product page, and the results speak for themselves! Now they are on pre-order :D

Lia Studs 14th To 20th Sept  Progressive

You can use Fera to set up an on-going campaign to get reviews automatically.

All you have to do is
  1. Choose an incentive
  2. Set the conditions like when to send the email
  3. Customize your message
  4. Save & Send!
Incentive Gif 1161x650   Asking for reviews is essential to getting high-quality product reviews. In your customization message, you can give your customers instructions on what they might want to mention in their review. Remember, the more reviews you have, the more sales you will have because your business looks trustworthy!

3. Showcase your responses in a product review widget

Product Reviews Example

 These days, shoppers expect to shop on a well-designed website. You want your customer's reviews to match your design and look beautiful!

With Fera, you can display your product reviews and photos beautifully with no coding knowledge required.

4. Ask for photo and video reviews

Wall Of Photos Example

Photo reviews let shoppers know what your product looks like in real life! As part of getting high-quality reviews, you want to be asking your past customers for photos that will help you build trust. Photo reviews also help your shoppers gain more insight into the product that they are going to receive. Adding photo reviews to your website will make your eCommerce store feel more legitimate and improve your sales. After all, 64% of Americans agree user-generated content (UGC) improved their shopping experience.

Why You Need High-Quality Reviews

Having high-quality reviews is essential for the following reasons
  1. Positive, well-written reviews help build trust in your online store.
  2. High-quality reviews give customers the information they need to make a purchase decision
  3. Having quality reviews will improve your conversion rate
  4. The buyer journey is seamless with high-quality photo reviews
Again, the more reviews you have, the better your business looks. The better your business looks, the more sales you will make.

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