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Good user-generated content (UGC) can bring new eyes to your website.


Great UGC can not only bring new eyes to your website, but also increase your sales and customer base!

Top 4 Ways To Leverage User-Generated Content

Publish Social Media UGC On Channel

Today, it’s very common to see customers expressing their overall experience with a company to their followers.

One of the best ways to take complete advantage of this is by reposting these types of UGC on your social media channel.

Not only will this make your loyal customers feel appreciated, but it will also improve your overall sales conversion rate.

You can even keep them stimulated by creating exciting hashtags and competitions that provide great entertainment and engagement to all the followers.

Some of the most popular platforms for this are Facebook and Instagram.

Show Customer Testimonials On the Product Page

There’s actually no better way to use UGC than through testimonials.

This encourages future customers to make the final decision faster and increases your level of trustworthiness.

With the help of Fera, you will be able to collect testimonials and easily showcase them on your website by using customizable widgets.

What’s more interesting is that you can even import testimonials from different platforms, including Facebook, Google, Etsy, or any other platform.

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Add Customer Reviews To Your Emails

Just think about it, when customers see all those glowing reviews, they will give a second thought to why they actually left your business in the first place.

Fera integrates with several different email marketing apps to help you with this functionality.

Post Unboxing Videos On Youtube

During the past few years, videos have become the content that attracts millions of users on any specific platform.

What’s more interesting is that everyone can start using this.

Whether it’s an unpackaging experience or a visual representation of the product, these types of UGC formats can definitely help you pull more customers into your store.

Youtube is the most suitable platform for this!

The Best User-Generated Content Examples

1. Netflix

Believe it or not - Netflix has always known how to gain the attention of the audience and create engagement.

Their latest “#WhatsYourPower” campaign on TikTok has managed to acquire thousands of UGC videos and billions of views.

One of the key factors for its massive success was the functionality of the filter. The entire compact was designed to reflect users’ personalities and give them proper results.

Netflix UGC Content

2. TouchSource

TouchSource has done a great job implementing product reviews and testimonials to their website.

Visitors can clearly see the name of the customer, their opinion on the whole experience, as well as their picture.

All of these factors make the review seem more genuine and have a great impact on the customer’s decision.


3. GoPro

GoPro is one of the most popular video equipment companies available.

Their organization uses UGC as a long-term method to successfully grow their official YouTube channel.

They post videos filmed by customers and get dozens of views without spending even a single penny on production.

Because of the huge success, GoPro even started doing awards shows and photo challenges to keep customers motivated.


4. Wayfair

Everyone has heard about Wayfair.

They have millions of satisfied customers from all over the world. It’s a big online marketplace for furniture, bedding, decorations, appliances, lighting, and more.

The popular “#WayfairAtHome” hashtag helps them create strong UGC and gain great results.

Their corporation collects the most intriguing content and posts it on their Instagram page. They even provide credit to the author as well.


5. Apple

There are thousands of individuals that are testing Apple products and sharing their own personal reports on the internet.

Apple actually supports this and encourages them to continue doing that; not only does this improve their overall sales conversions, but it also helps customers make more informed decisions.

Apple UGC Example

6. Doritos

In order to promote their new flavor Roulette (a pack filled with regular and spicy tortilla chips), Doritos has created the #BurnSelfie challenge specifically for customers in Canada.

All you need to do is just take pictures or videos while eating Doritos and add the hashtag.

This campaign helped them introduce the new product in the best light possible.

Doritos UGC

7. Atom Tickets

After the pandemic, Atom Tickets started their own Snap Mini called Movie Tickets.

With this service, customers could purchase tickets, share the details in group chats or stories, and allow friends to buy seats next to each other.

Atom Tickets UGC

8. Away

The American-based luggage retailer Away does an excellent job of using User-Generated Content online.

Even though the brand doesn’t use any hashtags, they still post a ton of different customer-related content on its social media.

Away Luggage UGC

Conclusion: Get Sharing

User-generated content can be a powerful tool to help boost sales for businesses.

By leveraging the power of social media and testimonials, businesses can encourage customers and fans to share their experiences and products with their friends and followers.

This can help to create word-of-mouth marketing that can lead to more sales.

Additionally, businesses can use user-generated content to create social proof and build trust with potential customers.

By featuring user-generated content on their website or social media platforms, businesses can show that their products or services are popular and trusted.

Get out there and brainstorm how you can use user-generated content to leverage sales.

After all, UGC is useless unless you learn how to leverage it to make more MONEY!

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