A tried and true problem for a lot of eCommerce businesses starts from the very beginning of a store’s conception is what to sell online?

I’d argue this is the most important part of your business, more important than your brand or your beautifully coded website. People won’t want to spend money or boring or mediocre products, especially if they can get them somewhere else.

So, invest some time into really thinking about what you’re going to sell, and to who!

Passion Projects

If your dream to start an eCommerce business comes from something you love doing or making, then it’ll be easy to align your love and passion with products.

That passion will be the fuel and motivation you need on your journey to start and run an eCommerce store.

Start with what interests you have, and things that you already do or like to do. Answering these questions will lead you in the right direction to selling products!

What are you good at?

It’s going to be a lot easier to sell products if you’re already good at something. Use the skills you already have and make the most of them.

As they’ve always said, “If you’re doing something you love you won’t work a day in your life!” Use your own competitive advantages, well, to your advantage.

Research, research, research

Use the tools and skills at your disposal. You can check out Google and other places on the internet for ideas. Or pick up a book on eCommerce or selling.

There’s a lot of information out there that you can have access to that can help you out. A great tool is Google Trends which lets you look at trends on certain keywords over a period of time.

This will help you see what people are becoming interested in, and what they’re losing interest in.

What’s trendy on social media?

Check out social media like Twitter and Instagram to see what people are talking about. They have trending pages and keywords (hashtags!) that let you see what’s popular and what people are talking about.

Checkout ads and other sponsored posts that other companies may be marketing on these platforms as well. This kind of research will help you out a lot in deciding what to sell.

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