What are testimonials on Shopify?

A testimonial on Shopify is similar to a review. They are written statements that support the credibility and expertise of your online business. They strengthen trust and the legitimacy of your business by expressing that others trust you and your business. A testimonial from a customer will affirm the performance, quality and even the value of your products or your service.

Make sure your testimonials are well-placed

People often aren’t going to go out of their way to check out a standalone page called “testimonials” or “reviews”. Most do not care or don’t want to spend time looking for this information. So instead gather a handful of testimonials from customers and include them in relevant places on your site like your product page. This could be the home page, product page(s), and even the cart page. These are more natural spots on your site and customers are more likely to stumble upon them as they browse about your site and buy products.

 Watch this video on how to add testimonials to Shopify

Adding convincing content

Testimonials are basically elements that introduce content to users, prompting them to buy your products/services. They add credibility your online eCommerce store may otherwise be missing. Testimonials that explain how your product or service solves a consumer need or fixes a pain point will induce sales better than a testimonial that just says, “I think X eCommerce store is fantastic!”.

Add something more to your testimonials

Make a testimonial even more convincing by adding something to it. Simply adding a photo (of the customer or the product purchased?) will increase your CTR. You can also add a rating system (much like reviews use) to show potential customers that past buyers were happy with their purchases. This could be a star rating system, or even a point scale to show customer satisfaction.

Don’t fake it

One thing we’ve learned from the internet is that fake reviews don’t work. Customers are very smart, and they’ll often know if something is fake, or doesn’t seem right. So, don’t fake any testimonials. You’re trying to create credibility and establish trust with your customers, so why ruin it with fake testimonials?

Get started

Reach out to past customers who were happy with your products or services. Ask them to share their success stories. If you want to learn how to add testimonials (and showcase customer happiness) on your product page(S) using the Fera.ai app then check out this article.

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