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We totally get it - starting a Shopify store can be incredibly challenging.

Ecommerce has been rapidly growing since the very start.

Ecommerce holds over 13% of the global annual sales and has great potential in the future as well!

This isn't surprising since online selling has become more accessible for vendors and purchasers.

There are a bunch of different factors you need to consider when starting a Shopify store:

  • Sourcing product items
  • Optimizing the main landing page
  • Dealing with customer support
  • …and much more!

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

But, even if you're doing all that, there's no guarantee that you will land in the "best stores of the year" chart.

So, what's the secret? How can you be as successful as the best Shopify stores out there?

Well, we've carefully analyzed some of the highest-rated Shopify stores in the universe to help elevate your business.

All of the points in this article are incredibly valuable, so read until the end.

What Are The Best Shopify Stores In 2022?

1. Gymshark


Created in 2012, Gymshark started selling workout clothes mainly designed and printed by Ben Francis - the founder.

Gymshark is one of the most prevalent brand names in the Shopify ecosystem. It has thousands of customers and several awards.

Strong CTAs

From the start, this store focused on creating a simple user experience and CTA buttons. This drives the potential customers straight to the shopping cart without any distractions.

Plus, the website even has the best loading page speed out of most stores published on Shopify.

Excellent Product Page

They have an excellent product page - featuring features, descriptions, delivery information, and consumer reviews.

That's everything you could ask for in a successful Shopify store!

Email Marketing

And, you might ask, how do they manage to gain so many customers? Well, we must admit - they have a really strong email marketing campaign.

They use various email marketing apps to engage customers and boost repeat orders.

2. Pipcorn Hierloom Snacks

Pipcorn Hierloom Snacks

Next up on our top-tier listing, we have Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks - a big leader in the food industry.

Interactive Design

The primary thing you will notice when you open their site is their intriguing, multifunctional design.

The intuitive animations and the ability to interact with the product listings enhance the customer's experience.

Another characteristic that you will notice about this page is simplicity. Even though it has a pure design, everything is so simple and easily accessible.

For instance, take a look at the menu.

It only has two tabs for the product and another two for the blog and store locator.

Strategic Use of Top Bar

Also, do you see that pop-up message right on the top?

Well, sure you do!

It says, "Free shipping for $30."

This will stimulate buyers to surpass the minimum threshold so they can acquire their unique offer - thus increasing AOV (average order per value).

Customer Reviews

And, on top of everything, they even included customer reviews right below every product - building more social proof to the store.

Other features that make Pipcorn a successful Shopify store include:

  • Subscriptions
  • Use of abandoned cart apps
  • Contact us pages, rewards
  • Trust badges
  • …and many more.

Pipsnacks sure knows how to create a nice first impression and boost their sales.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

In the third spot, we have Fashion Nova, or what other people love to call it - "The Instagram Brand."

Why - you might ask?

From the beginning, this Shopify store focused on engaging its consumers through its official Instagram profile (it currently has more than 20 million followers).

User Generated Content (UGC)

Customers would share stories of their products, quickly review their purchases, and even tag them.

That is called free promotion right there, and Fashion Nova knows how to capture that.


Also, we have to point out the fact that this website has a ton of discounts.

And guess what - people love them!

Some reports show that over 80% of users admit they are willing to try out a new business label if they offer discounts - not only can this increase sales conversions and boost brand awareness.

Product Filtering System

And, let's not forget that Fashion Nova has an incredible product filter system.

Customers can choose between different figures, sizes, colors, prints, fabrics, details, prices, and many more.


They even have a section called "My Favorites."

Their customers can add up to 300 products here and access them from any type of device. All they need to do is create an account and verify it.

We have to admit - Fashion Nova is highly connected with their customers. And that's a massive point when it comes to eCommerce.

4. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

Owned by the mega superstar and influencer Kylie Jenner, this is one of the top Shopify stores on the network.

Customers can select between three different categories - makeup, skin products, and baby offerings.

Web Builders

Kylie Cosmetics features a soft pink color that gives a nice appearance without distracting the eyes of the customers.

It also features a lot of special elements that are made by using some top-notch website builder apps.

Customer Results

However, what really sets this store apart from all the others is its strong social proof.

Customers are able to read the results and outcomes of the product in a section called "Consumer Results”. This section really speaks to the Kylie marketing team's ability to understand their customer and show them what they want!

Customer results examples (sourced from the official Kylie page):

  • 98% agreed the product brings more definition to the lips.
  • 100% agreed that the cosmetic product prevents lipstick from smudging.
  • 98% agreed that the ingredients are super smudge-proof.

Social Media

Another vital point is that all of the images are incredibly high quality and have a great definition.

And, if you ask us, we believe that Kylie's store mainly focuses on a younger audience. The marketing team works on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.


When you combine your personal story and your online business, you create a powerful sales conversion machine that everyone will enjoy.

5. Bombas


Finally, we have Bombas - a comfort-focused sock and appeal trademark that helps people in huge need.

Appealing Product Display

The store separates itself from all the other websites with its super-vibrant color and efficient product display. They obviously achieved this by using some professional customization tools.

The entire site has a smooth transition, and everything is on point.

Special Bundles

Also, it's worth mentioning that Bombas uses special bundles to improve its revenue.

Some bundles include 6-pack ankle socks, 3-pack active boxer brief, and more.


And what's more interesting is that they even have their own "Find Your Perfect Pair" quiz.

This way, customers will be able to answer a few questions and find the most suitable option in absolutely no time.

Not only will this make them spend more time on the website, but it will also help them find the most fitting match for their own requirements and preferences.

Customer Support

Whenever a customer needs assistance, they can easily click the little "message" icon on the bottom right and contact their team in absolutely no time.

Whether it's something about their order, information about sizes, or just basic questions, their members will definitely do their best.

So, plus one point for customer service!

Product Reviews

Speaking of customers, Bombas even highlights their most popular reviews right below the product itself - making it completely visible for people who want to make the final purchase decision.

Digital Marketing

Also, judging by the fact that this store does so well in the industry, we also should mention that Bombas runs different ads and online promotions on several platforms, including Facebook, Google, and even Instagram.


Simple, professional, appealing - these are the words that can better describe their Shopify store.


As you can see, all of these stores have something unique to their name.

It's what actually made them so popular in the first place!

But, while doing the whole research process, we've also noticed that all of the stores have at least several apps that make things easier and more convenient.

Most of the apps are related to:

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